Sunday, 3 January 2016

8 Food skin for youthful skin

Most girls tend to focus on skin care from the outside. Either  cream or lotion treatments out various skin care by neglecting to turn  the attention of other food Ah, but following the changes that have new  ideas, anyway. Because the skin young and healthy then. Not from external maintenance alone. But from the diet each day too darling.

Therefore, girls will need to eat foods that are beneficial to the skin. To renew your skin clear is always young. Get a look healthy from the inside out .. with the stylus, and then went to see better than that. Foods prolong youthful skin stay with you long time what I have.

1. Green tea, you know that like?. Pure green tea without sugar. No flavor additives. As a source of anti-oxidants to help out in maintaining a youthful skin well for.

Million network is also quite rich in vitamin K, which the CD and benefit your body and your skin tremendously.

2. Salmon is a food rich in omega-3 is the key to a truly healthy skin. It also helps prevents premature aging. Wilted and wrinkled skin problems slowed by age, as a result.

3. Blueberry blueberries may have it a little difficult to eat in our home. But is considered a fruit that has so many benefits to the skin in.. Fiber  because of vitamin C and E are the things that make the skin bright and  healthy in the last part of major blueberries also contain  anti-oxidants out that can restore the damaged skin. And protect your skin with fewer interventions, more difficult.

4.  Carrot carrot as a source of vitamin A, which is an important nutrient  that your skin healthy so the body gets vitamin A is too small will  result in skin problems, lack of moisture, rough and important carrot to  with anti-oxidants out very high. Protects skin from damage. Either sunlight or any pollution.

5. Sunflower. Tips to make your skin look pale or not is to simply say your skin looks healthy. Is eating sunflower seeds in.. You may sprinkle sunflower seeds on salad dish that is rich in vitamins also. Eat plain or time to help the skin look healthier.

6. Kiwi fruits rich in vitamin C helps to maintain collagen in the skin. This makes the skin firm compact.

7. Apple red apple fruit to balance the skin. The study found that apples are beneficial to enhance collagen and elastin in

Skin, skin wrinkles easily. Shine and look healthy, too.

8. Cucumber In addition to providing the moisture from the outside by applying onto the surface then. Eating the right amount of cucumber to help add moisture to the skin.

Best ever.

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